Fact or Fiction, The Legend of The Black Mask Lives!

As the story goes, in 1891 Explorer Sir Henry Rhumsfeld was shown a book revealing stories written by “the Medicine Man” along with a map of the undiscovered Pacific Islands. Intrigued, Sir Henry Rhumsfeld traveled by ship in and arrived in the Pacific Islands in August 1891. When evening fell, he was greeted by a tattooed man in a fantastically decorated mask; it was the Medicine Man. The Medicine Man in the Black Mask was possessed by the distilled concoction that he created from spices and native plants to heal the returning wounded warriors. Along with this restorative spirit, he crafted enchanted masks for the men to wear back into battle. Sir Rhumsfeld was presented with a mysterious bottle in which he took his first sip of what he called “golden nectar.” Over the next 8 years, Sir Rhumsfeld returned to the island to enjoy the “golden nectar” and with the hopes of learning the secret of what it was. When the Medicine Man passed away in 1901, he left the secret recipe to Sir Rhumsfeld.

Whether the story is fact or fiction, Black Mask Spiced Rum is here.

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