Everything You Need To Know About Sherry Wine – Crush On This Episode 99

Think Sherry is something only Grandmother’s drink? Think again! Think all Sherry is sweet? Not so! There is so much to discover about Sherry. Join us as we explore this fortified wine from Spain. From cocktails to food pairing, Sherry wine offers so much to the modern wine drinker. Join us as we discuss how Sherry is made, different styles and tastes, and how best to enjoy it. It’s time to learn everything you need to know about Sherry wine. 

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Featured Wines:

Tio Pepe Fino En Rama Gonzalez Byass 2017 DO Jerez ($40 CD)

Tio Pepe Fino Muy Seco Palomino Fino ($21 US)

Gonzalez Byass Leonor 12 anos Palo Cortado ($25 US)

González Byass Alfonso Oloroso DO Jerez Xérés ($25 US)

Harveys Bristol Cream DO Jerez Xérés ($20 US)

González Byass Nectar Dulce Pedro Ximénez DO Jerez Xérés ($25 US)

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