Discover Dão, Portugal – Crush On This Episode 124

It’s time to discover Dão. Located in the center of Portugal, the Dão region is the second-oldest wine region in Portugal. Reds, whites, rosés and sparkling wines are all produced in the Dão and the quality of the wines, matched by the value, make them great wines to discover. Join us as we discover this wonderful region and the diversity of wines and styles. It’s time to discover Dão Portugal. 

Time Stamp

0:00:00 Introduction

0:00:52 Where is the Dão region?

0:01:29 The terroir of the Dão

0:02:14 The wine grapes of the Dão

0:02:51 Cindy shares a sparkling wine from the Dão

0:04:16 Christine shares an Encruzado white wine

0:07:03 Allison shares a Touriga Nacional rosé wine 

0:08:02 Christine shares a Touriga Nacional red wine

0:09:47 Allison shares a Jaen red wine

0:11:31 Cindy shares a red blend from the Dão

0:13:32 Conclusion

Featured Wines:

Cabriz Espumante Natural Bruto 2017, Metodo Classico, DOC Dão, Portugal ($12)

Kelman 2017 Encruzado, DOC Dão, Portugal ($19)

Pedra Cancela 2021 Touriga Nacional Rosé, DOC Dão, Portugal ($10)

Julia Kemper 2011 Touriga Nacional, DOC Dão, Portugal ($22)

Quinta das Maias 2017 Jaen, DOC Dão, Portugal ($22)

Soito 2015 Vinho Tinto DOC Dão, Portugal ($10)


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