Desire Richness with Elije Más Riqueza Tequila

For the February 2024 Issue of BIN Magazine, I had the pleasure to write the story Desire Richness with Elije Más Riqueza Tequila.

Riqueza signifies “aiming high, loving, teaching, learning, and experiencing,” explained Rafael Gonzalez, owner of Elije Más Riqueza Tequila. “It means all the colors represented in life all at once, a clear vision, achieving your personal goals, the American dream.” Rafael Gonzalez followed his dreams and desired “riqueza”. Elije Más Riqueza Tequila, which translates to “desire richness”, reflects this story of ambition, hard work, and dedication.

Rafael Gonzalez left Mexico at the age of fourteen in search of the American dream. Like his mother Esperanza, whose name means hope, Rafael chose a life of richness. He dreamed about moving to the United States to join eight of his brothers. And while his mother did not want him to leave, her hope for him was to have success. Rafael was driven to fulfill his goals, which included owning his own horse and taking care of his mother and father.

Read the entire story in BIN Magazine’s February 2024 Issue.