Crush On This Wine Tips: Dry vs Sweet Wines

Understanding wine is a challenge. No matter how little or how much you know, it is a never-ending process of learning and a very humbling experience. But with a few key tips, you are on your way to sounding, and being, a wine pro. Today’s topic is Dry vs Sweet Wine! Enjoy the video, give it a like, and subscribe to our channel for more.



0:00:00 Introduction

0:00:40 How Is the term “Dry” wine often used?

0:00:59 What does “Dry” wine really mean?

0:01:04 Wine Tip

0:01:23 How is the term “Sweet” wine ofter used?

0:01:31 What does “Sweet” wine really mean?

0:01:40 Wine Tip

0:02:01 Final Tip: Use Descriptive Terms Instead of “Dry” and “Sweet”

0:02:34 Conclusion