Celebrate the Beauty of Old Vine Wines – Crush on This Episode 100

With their thick trunks and gnarly, troll-like shapes, old vines are full of history and they tell a story. Old vines require lots of care and ultimately produce lower yields, yet they do not garner higher prices. We need to make sure these historic vines are not replaced with younger vines. Join us as we share three old vine wines on this episode! Save old vines! Drink Old Vine Wines!

Featured Wines:

Allison’s Wine: Markus Wine Co 2019 Bechthold Cinsault, Lodi ($39 US)

Cindy’s Wine: 2019 Marisa Cuomo Furore Bianco Fiorduva, Costa d’Amalfi ($75 US)

Christine’s Wine: Hester Creek Estate Winery Old Vine Late Harvest Pinot Blanc 2019 Okanagan Valley BC VQA Golden Mile Bench ($18.99 CD) [200ml bottle]

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