Australia’s Favorite Food Comes To Los Angeles – Garlo’s Aussie Pies

Meat Pie

Australia’s favorite food has come to Los Angeles! Meat pies, puffed pastry filled with delicious fresh ingredients, are to Australians the way hamburgers are to Americans.

Garlos's Aussie Pie Shop


Peter, an Australian living in LA, had wanted to bring his beloved meat pies here. He contacted Sean Garlick, a former rugby player, who owns Garlo’s Aussie Pies with his family. With stores all over New South Wales and Queensland, as well as their pies in supermarkets, Garlo’s Meat Pies was the perfect partner! Nathan Garlick, Sean’s brother, is a trained pastry chef and the Executive Chef. The name Garlo is a nickname for their family name Garlick.

Nathan and Sean Garlick

The first location is in the college town of Westwood. While the Australians in Los Angeles are bound to seek this shop for a taste of home, it’s is also a perfect food for college students.

The meat pies are baked fresh daily. Flavors include Lean Beef, Chicken Fajita, Chunky Steak, Curry Beef, Vegetarian and Mac & Cheese. They come in regular size (about the size of your hand) as well as sliders.

There also serve another Australian tradition (sausage rolls) and desserts (apple turnovers, tarts and custards). And, don’t forget coffee……because, in case you didn’t know, Aussie’s take their coffee very seriously.

Garlos's Aussie Pie Shop Menu

Garlo’s Meat Pies
1010 Glendon Ave, Los Angeles 

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  1. Nice curry pie and mushy peas. I am coming back every week for the great variety of pies. Thanks

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