America Meets France at Medium Rare, Washington DC

How do you like your steak? Medium rare is the answer, especially at Medium Rare in Washington DC where America meets France in a steakhouse. At Medium Rare, the words steakhouse and affordable are combined in a relaxed and fun environment.

Modeled after a steakhouse based in Paris, Medium Rare has three locations in the DC area – Bethesda, Cleveland Park and Capitol Hill. The concept is warm and friendly serving up tasty food in a relaxed, non-pretentious way. The music is turned up loud, making you lean in to talk, like you would if you were in a French bistro.

The menu at Medium Rare is very simple. All you have to decide is how you want your meat cooked because the menu is a pre-fixe offering for $20.45.

What you get is:

Artisan Rustic Bread

Mixed Green Salad

Culotte Steak and hand-cut double fried fries

The steak is served with a secret sauce that was created with the consultation of the former Chef Michel Richard. They will not disclose what is in the sauce but it is a rich gravy that definitely has butter in it.

Once you finish your steak and fries, the server will come out with more. In total, you will get 8 ounces of meat but by serving in two rounds, the thinly sliced meat is kept warm.


Keeping everything simple, Medium Rare offers nine wines and four draft beers and only four spirits. I opted for a French Cotes du Rhone to enjoy with my steak and fries.

Where the American influence comes in is with the dessert. The portions are large and the choices are classics like hot fudge sundaes and apple pie.

And, when you pay the bill, you are presented with a few pieces of Double Bubble bubblegum. This adds to the friendly, casual atmosphere.

If you are not a meat eater, Medium Rare is not for you. But if you like meat, Medium Rare offers tender, delicious steak at an affordable price.

Brunch is also served, for $24 all inclusive, including free flowing mimosas.