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Napa Valley Grille has sat on a prominent corner in Westwood Village for fifteen years. It has been the location for business meetings, family dinners and graduation parties. With an open-air patio, it was one of the only high-end restaurants in the UCLA college town. Napa Valley Grille In time for their fifteenth anniversary, Napa Valley Grille has undergone a $2 million renovation. The restaurant's interior and outdoor patio have been refurbished. What was once bright but dated is now warm and inviting. The 372-seat restaurant mixes earth-tone colors with stone, wood, tile and cooper textures. From the décor to the furniture to the lighting, Napa Valley Grille has captured the warmth of being in a wine cellar in wine country. Napa Valley Grille Dining Room
DineLA is here again. For 12-14 days, twice a year (winter and summer), hundreds of restaurants around Los Angeles offer prix fixe menus for less than their normal price. It is the perfect time to head to the restaurants on your list that you have been meaning try. On my list was Fundamental LA. A neighborhood restaurant in Westwood, I had been hearing great things about the fresh farmer's market ingredient menu. So, a couple of friends and I went to dinner there the other night. The small plate menu is divided up into 4 sections and with the Dine LA menu, you can chose one item from each section for $40. This is a great value as each dish ranges from $12-$22 each and you could easily spend more for less if you order a la carte. And, with friends, we managed to order different items in each section and then shared. The flavors of each dish is matched by its presentation. Although it seemed that most of the dishes were plates on one half of a large plate, they all looked like works of art. First Course The Hamachi Belly with sour plum, shiso and ginger granite Hamachi Belly
Meat Pie Australia's favorite food has come to Los Angeles! Meat pies, puffed pastry filled with delicious fresh ingredients, are to Australians the way hamburgers are to Americans. Garlos's Aussie Pie Shop   Peter, an Australian living in LA, had wanted to bring his beloved meat pies here. He contacted Sean Garlick, a former rugby player, who owns Garlo's Aussie Pies with his family. With stores all over New South Wales and Queensland, as well as their pies in supermarkets, Garlo's Meat Pies was the perfect partner! Nathan Garlick, Sean's brother, is a trained pastry chef and the Executive Chef. The name Garlo is a nickname for their family name Garlick.