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Porto Carras is the largest unified vineyard in Greece and one of the largest in Europe. It is a certified organic terraced vineyard, with vines as old as 40-50 years. On...

Cocktails made with wine? I have had wine based cocktails when the wine base is Port, Sake, Soju, but a cocktail made with Rose, Cabernet and other Greek varietals? My first reaction is that I am a purest when it comes to wine. I don't believe in adding ice cubes or coca cola to wine. But, while visiting Porto Carras, a winery and resort located in the north of Greece, an evening at Calma, the newest bar on property, I was pleasantly surprised with how beautifully the wine cocktails showcase the Porto Carras wines. Bartender Dimitris Galanis is responsible for creating the wine cocktails at Bar Calma at Porto Carras. I met him on the day that he was promoted to supervisor for all of the bars on the resort property, including Bar Calma, two beach bars, and all of the main bars at restaurants in the hotel and marina. This is a well-deserved promotion as Dimitris has been honing his craft for the last eight years at Porto Carras, where he started as a barback, as well as spending the last five winter seasons working behind bars in Prague. Porto Carras Bartender Dimitris Galanis