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Typically we eat waffles for brunch. Or for a savory note, some eat chicken and waffles. But just about anything can be paired with a waffle. Next time you are eating a sandwich, why not put it in a waffle? That is what they are doing at Bruxie. Bruxie is a new take on the sandwich. Founder Dean Simon fell in love with waffles when he was in Brussels. He came back to California and since he could not find light, airy, crispy style waffles, he began testing recipes until he created a recipe that matched what he ate in Brussells. Then he put quality seasonal ingredients in them to make sandwiches, both savory and sweet. Bruxie Simon and business partner Kelly Mullarney, both chefs, opened the first Bruxie in the historic Old Towne of Orange in 2010 and it became the busiest restaurant per square foot in the nation. Now with six restaurants in Southern California and one in Las Vegas, Bruxie is showing people that waffles are no longer just for breakfast. Bruxie sandwiches are not sweet. They are yeast risen waffles that are light, airy and crispy and will remind you of warm toasty bread. But, they weigh only three ounces and contain 250 calories. They are rather guilt free....until you start adding the savory or sweet ingredients. But who cares when they taste so good!

California, a state with 137 AVAs (American Viticultural Areas) that stretch as far north as Trinity County and as far south as Riverside County, has been producing wine for more...

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