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When Wednesday evening rolls around, there is a fun thing to do mid-week. Head to Next Door Lounge in Hollywood for a whiskey tasting. Next Door Lounge Next Door Lounge is a speakeasy on Highland Ave that has been open for four years. If you haven't been there yet, you have probably driven by many times. Outside is "The Dapper Doorman" Colonel James Anderson. Since day one, he has stood outside the doors, dressed in a top hat and tap shoes. Don't mess with the dapper doorman. While he smiles and greets you and checks your reservation, he is also security.
You may think wine when you think Santa Ynez Valley, but you can also think vodka and whiskey because Ascendant Spirits Distillery, the first legal distillery in Santa Barbara County since Prohibition, is located in Buellton, the heart of wine country. Ascendant Spirits We stopped by Ascendant Spirits on a recent trip up to wine country. After all, a few tastes of vodka and whiskey are a great start to a weekend filled with wine. Owner and Distiller Stephen Gertman was on hand to give us a tour in between the fermentation taking place that day. We got a first hand tour of the process to make Sempre Fi Corn Whiskey.