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Need a bottle or two of wine for dinner tonight? Want to learn about wine? Where are you picking up your next bottle of wine? Where is the best place...

Is there a better name for a neighborhood restaurant than Neighbor? Seems simple and is the perfect name for the Venice neighborhood spot. Located on the northern end of Abbot Kinney, Neighbor is in the space that once housed Govind Armstrong's Willie Jane. Open since 2017, Neighbor looks a lot like how I remembered the space when I last ate there when it was Willie Jane. The vibe is comfortable, warm and inviting. It feels like being in the living room of a friend. There are two comfy couch areas in the front of the restaurant that lead to a set of stairs. At the top of the stairs is the hostess stand and then a long bar that runs the length of the interior. There are a few tables inside as well but the majority of tables, as well as lounge seating, are outside in the covered patio. It's a Lovely Night at Neighbor Venice
I have very mixed feelings about my experience at Night + Market in Venice. I have read and heard great reviews. After all, chef and owner Kris Yenbamroong was a semifinalist for the James Beard Foundation in the Rising Star Chef category and the James Beard Foundation's Best New Chef West award. Los Angeles's Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Jonathan Gold praised the restaurant and named it 24th best restaurant on the 101 list. Arriving at the Venice location, I knew the space would have a hipster vibe. It was packed, lively and energetic. The decor has a playful cheesiness to it with pink strands and colored lights hanging down in front of the windows, neon lights and posters all around.