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Do you know what döner is? You know what gyros and shawarma are, right?  Well, döner kebab is from Turkey and is the ancestor of these two dishes. The seasoned meat is cooked on a vertical rotisserie on inverted cones that are slowly turning and roasting the meat in its own juices. And where can you find döner in Los Angeles? At Spireworks.

Spireworks is a fast casual restaurant concept with two locations in Los Angeles -  in Westwood and in Eagle Rock.

We don’t see a lot of Turkish food here in the U.S. but on a recent trip to Turkey, we discovered a lot of local dishes that definitely pleased the palate! Blending Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Balkan cuisines, Turkish cuisine is the heritage of the Ottoman Empire. And, while you may not have tried these dishes yet, perhaps they seem familiar to other dishes we know.  Here are our favorites that we hope to find in the U.S.: Borek A family of baked filled pastries made with phyllo dough and filled with cheese, meat or vegetables. We had fresh home-baked Borek made with spinach, cheese and onion for breakfast in Alaçati (on the Çesme Peninsula near the Aegean Sea). It was similar to spanakopita but the layers of phyllo dough were tender, not crunchy. Turkish Borek