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This story originally appeared in the Napa Valley Register.
When I first began studying wine, I remember reading that the French called the trio of wine, bread and cheese the “holy trinity.” I cannot disagree. However, throw in a spa treatment and life is perfect!
What wine, bread and cheese have in common, other than being delicious, are that they are all products of fermentation. But then how does the spa fit in? Well, it fits because it also includes fermentation. If this sounds good to you, then head down the scenic Bohemian Highway to Freestone, Sonoma’s first historic district. Freestone’s population is only 32 but it is home to the “fermentation corner” with includes a winery, bakery, cheese store and spa. joseph-phelps-freestone-4
This story originally appeared in the Napa Valley Register.

In the Northern Hemisphere, harvest is well underway. In many places, the grapes have already been picked and pressed, and the juice is fermenting. As the wine is being made, what happens to the skins?

In most cases, it is used as compost and in some cases it is turned into grappa. But there are so many other uses for grapes and skins as I recently experienced during my stay at the Kinsterna Hotel and Spa in Greece.

Kinsterna Hotel & Spa

Kinsterna Hotel and Spa is located in Monemvasia in the region of Laconia in the south of the Peloponnese. The hotel, a fortified manor that dates to the 12th century, sits on a hillside covered with olive trees and vineyards.

view of the vineyards and olive trees

Reno has not been on my radar for years, not since a college ski trip that had us based in Reno and skiing in Tahoe. Living in Los Angeles, a common weekend getaway is to Las Vegas. So, an invite to a wine event in Reno was a great excuse to head to "the biggest little city", Reno, Nevada. The event was at the Atlantis Casino Resort and Spa in Reno where I stayed for the weekend. While I did go out and explore the burgeoning food scene of Reno (a story about this is coming soon), I spent most of the weekend at the five star Atlantis Casino Resort and Spa, located a few minutes from downtown Reno. I checked into my room which overlooked the city of Reno. My spacious room had all the key amenities but best of all, a super-comfortable bed. Atlantis Hotel and Casino