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Need a bottle or two of wine for dinner tonight? Want to learn about wine? Where are you picking up your next bottle of wine? Where is the best place...

I have been to Lamill for coffee. I been to Lamill for lunch. Now I have also been to Lamill for dinner. The casual, neighborhood outpost in Silverlake is can be enjoyed all day long. From morning to night, Lamill offers the same menu. Breakfast fans can order omelets, eggs benedict and other breakfast-fare all day. But Lamill also offers sandwiches, salads, pasta, snacks and sweets all day and recently added some new menu items to these sections. Don’t worry, favorites such as the tasty Avocado Toast and decadent Warm Doughnut Holes are still on the menu. But with the new section for “Snacks & Sweets," a selection of smaller plated items will satisfy for lunch, dinner or an afternoon snack. The Spinach & Artichoke Dip is not like your typical spinach dips with lots of cheese and mayonnaise. This dip is actually the opposite. Made with roasted garlic, you can taste the spinach and artichoke. There is definitely cheese as well but it is not overwhelming, creamy or greasy. Add the housemade tortilla chips and this snack can fill you up! spinach-artichoke-dip-roasted-garlic-housemade-tortilla-chips
Same Same......but Different. That is the name of the Thai restaurant tucked in a strip mall on Sunset Blvd in Silverlake. Locals know the place as Rambutan Thai and while the kitchen and food remain the same, the front of the house is different. Now the name makes sense, right? Same Same but different Adam Weisblatt of Last Word Hospitality and his partners Angus McShane and Holly Zack are what is different about Same Same. They were on a mission to find a small, established business to buy and take over and create a Basque wine bar. They found Rambutan, a 13-year-old family business in Silverlake. However as Weisblatt shared with me, as they were looking to buy the place they noticed how customers were drawn to owners Katy Noochlaor and Annie Daniel. So instead of buying the place, they decided to collaborate.