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The Sta. Rita Hills in the Santa Ynez Valley is one of my favorite regions for Pinot Noir. There are so many wonderful producers and wines from that region and...

For 19 years, World of Pinot Noir has been bringing together Pinot Noir producers and Pinot Noir lovers! Taking place at the Ritz Carlton Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara, I attended for my fifth consecutive year and attended seminars, tasted delicious wines, saw lots of familiar friendly faces and met new winemakers. A fun weekend festival, World of Pinot Noir is the Please The Palate pick of the week. More than 200 Pinot Noir producers from around the world participated in World of Pinot Noir 2019. There were producers from all of the California Pinot regions - Santa Barbara County, Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo County, Sonoma, Mendocino, Monterey and Napa. There were producers from Oregon. And there were producers from France, Chile, New Zealand and Spain. So, if you like Pinot Noir, this is definitely the event for you!
At the recent Wine Bloggers Conference in Santa Barbara Wine Country, four of the founding fathers of the Santa Barbara wine industry (Richard Sanford, Ken Brown, Rick Longoria and Bob Lindquist) gathered for a panel discussion to talk about their experiences and what they love about Santa Barbara. These are just some of the all-star winemakers who live in Santa Barbara and have helped make the region what it is today. Bob Lindquist, Richard Sanford, Rick Longoria, Ken Brown