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Who doesn't love brunch? It's the perfect meal that satisfies both the breakfast crowd and the lunch crowd, that can be enjoyed all morning and into the afternoon. In most cities, brunch is the meal that is saved for weekend days - the days in which we can casually start our days a little later than normal and don't have to rush off to work or appointments. But, in Portland, brunch is so popular that many restaurants offer it every day of the week. In fact, brunch is such a part of life in Portland that the hit TV show Portlandia even titled an episode “Brunch Village” and filmed on location at various local brunch spots. There is also a website and book that serves as more of a fan page for the early morning delight. Breakfast in Bridgetown: The Definitive Guide to Portland’s Favorite Meal, showcases brunch and breakfast reviews, news and everything in between. One of our favorite spots for brunch in Portland is Tasty and Sons, where the menu changes regularly and is designed to feature seasonal, local ingredients.  
Dark and sexy, Expatriate, owned by bartender Kyle Linden Webster and his wife/partner Chef Naomi Pomeroy, is one of the hot new restaurants of 2013 in Portland. Offering a menu of South Asian-fusion snacks, the flavors are not for the timid. The food is bold, spicy, sweet and full of flavor. We were 4 people, foodies who like to try as much as possible.  So, the small plate menu was perfect. Ore Dungeness Crab Rangoon (Wontons Filled With Crab Meat & Cream Cheese, Curried Corn Cream, Crispy Maitakes & Thai Chili Slaw) - This was one of my favorite dishes. The fresh crab meat and cream cheese were well balanced with the spice from the curried corn cream.
Owner and Chef John Gorham, spent time in Spain exploring the cuisine, before opening Toro Bravo (the Brave Bull). The result is a menu that is influenced by the many regional cuisines of Spain, ranging from the northern Basque area to Catalonia. The menu is divided into Pinchos, Tapas, Paellas, and Desserts. We stuck with the Pinchos and Tapas selections and, along with a glass of wine, were transported to Spain where is food is meant to be enjoyed and shared with friends. Radicchio Salad with green olive toast & manchego vinaigrette