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We approached Osawa just before they opened at 5pm and there was already a line at the door. Despite the rain, these people wanted to be the first in the door. Osawa Osawa is a Japanese restaurant located in Old Town Pasadena. Owned by Sayuri Tachibe and her husband Chef Shigefumi Tachibe (former corporate executive chef of the Chaya Restaurant Group), Osawa offers something for everyone. There is sushi, shabu shabu, sakana (or otsumami), udon and sukiyaki. Owners Executive Chef Shigefumi Tachibe and Sayuri Techie You can sit at tables, at the sushi bar or at the shabu shabu bar. Of course you can order anything from the menu from any seat, except shabu shabu. If that is what you want, you will want to be sure to sit in the section with the heated plates.
19Weekend Brunch is the perfect leisurely meal where you do not have have to rush off to work or to an appointment. And that is how we enjoyed our brunch at Sangers and Joe. Sangers & Joe "Sanger" is Australian lingo for sandwiches and "Joe" is a cup of coffee. Located in Old Town Pasadena, Sangers and Joe is a modern, market-style cafe open for breakfast and lunch daily and brunch on the weekends. Sangers & Joe
The Raymond in Pasadena is not a new place. In fact, it is rather old. Established in 1886, it was The Grand Raymond Hotel, frequented by East Coasters in the winter. The hotel no longer exists, but inside the original caretaker's cottage is the home of The Raymond Restaurant and 1886 Bar. The Raymond Tucked away and hidden by trees in a residential area of Pasadena, The Raymond and 1886 Bar are out of the way and hard to find. But, it is worth the effort to spend an evening here as you will immediately feel right at home in the cozy, intimate space. Owner Leslie Levy Owned by Leslie Levy and her husband, 1886 Bar has been drawing in cocktail lovers from around the city since it opened in 2010, as well as garnering awards for the cocktail program. A small, low lit bar filled with dining tables, there is not a lot of room to stand along the bar. But, if you can get a spot, you are in luck. Once you have settled in, get ready to do a little work. The cocktail menu is not for the lazy. Each drink is named after a literary reference and eloquently described in paragraph format, like reading a story. It is worth taking a moment to read through it but if you refuse, the bartender is happy to help you with suggestions.