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With the ability to watch movies from our homes, heading to the movie theater is not as common today. But, there is something special about sitting back in a large dark theater with surround sound and watching a movie on the big screen. At Studio Movie Grill, watching a movie combines the grandeur of watching a movie on a big screen with the comfort you would get at home. Add in-theater dining and personal service and that is why Studio Movie Grill is the Please The Palate Pick of the Week. Studio Movie Grill, established by Brian Schultz in 1993, is the first movie theater concept to offer in-theater dining. He started with one theater in 1993 and today there are more than 250 screens throughout the United States. Studio Movie Grills can be found in 34 locations across California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Virginia.

This post originally appeared on FoodableTV.com As iPic Theaters continue to open across the country, going to the movies may never be the same again. From large plush recliners and blankets...

Is a night out dinner and a movie?  Or a movie followed by dinner?  What about dinner in the movie? I am not talking about sneaking in your take-out. I am talking about the luxury iPic Theater, that reopened the doors of the Avco movie theater on Wilshire and Westwood a few months ago.  And recently, Tanzy an Italian restaurant with outlets in Scottsdale and Boca Raton, opened within the theater. Tanzy and iPic Entrances When you enter the iPic theater, the box office is more like a concierge service at a hotel. You are then led to your theater and your assigned seats.