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When I was asked by the publication Daily Ovation to write a story about holiday cocktails, I reached out to some bartender friends and asked them what they like to drink during the holidays. The last thing I expected was them all saying the same thing....Eggnog. Eggnog is the quintessential holiday drink and with Christmas here, I am sharing the story that originally appeared in Daily Ovation but you can read it here. Tis the season. The holidays are coming. The weather has shifted, and it is getting colder outside. It gets darker earlier in the evening. Curling up with a holiday cocktail sounds like the perfect thing to do so I asked four bartenders around Los Angeles what they like to drink.  Funny enough, they all said Eggnog, which should be no surprise as nothing screams the Christmas holiday more than eggnog.
A recent visit to the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal City took me back in time. Hard Rock Cafe From the massive neon guitar outside to the rotating car and iconic music collectibles lining the walls, I remember the excitement when I was a teenager and would meet my friends for a burger at the Hard Rock Cafe on La Cienega Boulevard, the second location for this iconic restaurant. While that location has closed, there are more than 150 Hard Rock Cafe locations around the world, and more than three dozen in North America today. Hard Rock Cafe

Seasonal drinks come in all shapes and sizes and we have a favorite that is good for the soul as well as our taste buds. The Hot Toddy is a...