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One of my final restaurant meals pre-COVID-19 was in the casual beach town of Hermosa Beach. The last thing I had expected to find was an authentic Italian restaurant, but Radici, an upscale family-owned Italian restaurant, reminded me of Italy as I enjoyed an authentic home-cooked meal. Radici is owned by Laura Francisco and her mother Lucia Gasbarri. Lucia, who grew up in Pacento, a tiny village in the Abruzzo region of Italy, is a self-taught chef who has owned restaurants with her now deceased husband in Southern California for multiple decades. Laura brought her mother out of retirement to open Radici a couple of years ago. Lucia has taken family recipes that were carried through generations to create a menu of home-made pastas and traditional Abruzzese dishes in a modern and inviting open space.
The key to making really good pasta is the ingredients. It only requires three ingredients - flour, eggs and salt - but it requires the best ingredients. At Uovo Pasta in Santa Monica, they found the best ingredients by going directly to Italy. And the resulting homemade pasta is delicious. That is why Uovo Pasta in Santa Monica is the Please The Palate pick of the week. I was running an errand in Santa Monica the other night and found a parking spot on the street. I finished my errand and was walking to my car when I noticed that I was parked in front of Uovo Pasta. Uovo Pasta was on my list of places to try as I had heard some positive things from friends. So I decided to go in and check it out. And that was a great choice! Uovo is a pasta bar. A long rectangular bar wraps around the open kitchen with bar stools. A few tables are also available for groups. I took a seat at the bar and perused the menu.

Hermosa Beach, the beachfront city in the South Bay, sits between Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach. It is a city popular for sunbathing, surfing, beach volleyball, cycling, running and paddleboarding. Hermosa Avenue runs parallel with the beach and the northern end is filled with restaurants, bars and shops. The southern end is a bit more residential with a smattering of local neighborhood restaurants. And the southern end of Hermosa Beach is now home to a new restaurant, Mosa.

Mosa is on the corner of Hermosa Avenue and 2nd Street. A casual restaurant, it is accented with shades of blue tiles, live greens and eclectic pieces of art on display. The space is shaped like an L, with a bar that runs along the main dining room. Mosa is comfortable and inviting beach town restaurant.