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There are more reasons to head to Hanjip Korean Barbecue, as if you needed an excuse. Open less than a year, the upscale Korean barbecue restaurant in Culver City has made a few changes and additions. New Hanjip Menu Since opening, the menu has become a bit more succinct. The new menu offers a "how to Korean barbecue" at the top of the page. There are two platters offered, either beef or pork and either large or small. The marinated short rib is the signature dish and this, as well as other meats (pork, beef, octopus) are available a la carte as well. The tomahawk steak for $150 is still available but the pricey Spanish prawns are gone.
Every day is a good day for a picnic. Maybe you need to grab lunch to go. Maybe you do not have time to cook dinner. Or maybe you really are going to picnic with friends. Picnic may mean a different thing to each person, but no matter the situation, Picnic LA is the answer. Picnic LA Located in Culver City, Picnic LA is the fast-casual, produce-driven concept by partners Brad Zions, Eliot Silver, Noah Ellis and Chef Alex Resnick (formerly of Red Medicine, not the one on Top Chef). Eliot Silver and Chef Alex Resnick Like a good picnic, Picnic LA offers a variety of dishes that combine flavors from Italy, Morocco, Southeast Asia and beyond. With a fine dining background, Chef Resnick created an accessible menu made with high quality products. The menu, which changes daily and seasonally, is presented in small dishes and bowls which means the food is made fresh and does not sit out in the display case for long.