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While watching tv late one night, I was distracted by a show talking about doughnuts. These were not your average doughnuts.  With names like Maple Bacon Long John, Bar Snack and Banana Cream Cheese, these were unique re-inventions of a classic. The doughnuts came from Glazed and Infused in Chicago.  As I was going to be in Chicago for one day the following month, I quickly wrote it in my calendar and then just as quickly forgot. But, the morning I was in Chicago, an alarm went off in my calendar reminding me about the field trip. So, just before the event started, we ran out to the nearest Glazed and Infused shop and got there just in time to get some of the last doughnuts.....because once the days' doughnuts are sold out, the shop closes. Thankfully we got there because these doughnuts gave me the sugar kick I needed that day! DSC00834