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Recently I received an invitation to a VIP Jack in the Box event in Los Angeles and I was intrigued. I do not eat fast food, except maybe on a very, very rare occasion. But, I do watch a lot of television and am quite familiar with the entertaining Jack in the Box commercials. For those not familiar, Jack Box is the founder, CEO, ad spokesman and mascot for the Jack in the Box chain. He is a typical man but his head is round and white with blue dot eyes, a pointy nose and a linear smile. He wears a business suit and a yellow clown cap. Jack has been the mascot since 1994 and for more than a decade, we have met his family members, some who have human heads and others with egg-shaped heads. We even saw Jack get hit by a bus and end up in a hospital. And, in 1998, Jack met his wife Cricket at a "Meat Riot" concert and they have a young son, Jack Jr. The commercials are really quite funny and tell a contiguous story. jack-in-the-box-1