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Bring on the BBQ! I get hungry just thinking about it. I am full right now as I write this and yet I am licking my lips thinking about tender smoked meat, spicy and savory rubs and sauces and sides, sides and more sides! Hungry now? Well, head to Holy Cow BBQ in Santa Monica and Culver City where you can dine in or order to take out. Everyone has a different style of BBQ that they think is the best. Is it the rich, savory and spicy style from Texas, tangy and sweet from Carolina, tart and spicy from Kentucky? Beef, pork or chicken? All of this and more is available at Holy Cow. Using some of the finest cuts of meat and poultry, the meats are hand rubbed and hickory smoked for hours. The result is slow cooked tender deliciousness with a style for everyone. To get started, load up on the carbs with nachos, fries and more!
It may not be an official star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame but located on the back lot of the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" show is its newest star....Adam Perry Lang, who is serving up serious BBQ with his Serious Barbecue truck.