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OK, I should know better than to go out to eat on a Friday night. As a foodie, we all know the best nights to eat out are Sunday - Wednesday. But, a friend invited me to check out the "new menu" at Bagatelle and as they only serve dinner on Friday and Saturday, we went out on a Friday. Bagatelle is about the scene more than anything else. Famous for brunch celebrations where the drinks flow for hours, I knew what kind of place I was heading to for dinner. But, based on the experience, I will be avoiding scene-driven venues from now on. Every element of our meal was an exercise in how NOT to please the palate. We sat down at a 2-top table and our good-looking waiter came over to ask if we wanted a drink. We told him that we wanted to check out the new items from the winter dinner menu and he answered that there wasn't a new menu. He said that most of the dishes had been on the menu since he had been there, which was when the restaurant opened over a year ago. We explained that we had heard there were some new truffle dishes and he pointed out a few of the "newer" items. Half the menu teases you with truffle dishes - truffle flatbread, truffle chicken, truffle gnocchi and so on. But, this is very misleading. There is not one dish with fresh shaved truffles on it. Every single dish that has the word truffle in it used truffle oil - rather deceiving!
Known for infamous brunches and late night parties in New York, Bagatelle has hit the west coast!  Located in the heart of West Hollywood, you will feel like you have traveled to St.Tropez where you can eat, drink and party in style. The bar program is managed by Zach Patterson who has created the French-inspired cocktail menu. With the white decor of Bagatelle, the bright, colorful cocktails "look like a rainbow against the backdrop," Zach explained.  "There is a purple [prickly pear] drink, a yellow [passion fruit] drink and even a black drink with squid ink."  The cocktails are all light, fresh and bright, enabling customers to drink more than one, or two, or watch out!