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How do you make your perfect martini? Do you like it with gin or vodka? Do you like it dirty, wet or dry? The original martini, which dates back to the 1880's, was a combination of gin and vermouth. By the 1950's, vodka was introduced to the martini and rose to fame with James Bond. By the 1990's, many variations of martinis were made, using a martini glass and adding fruit juices and other modifiers. This was the time that Lemon Drops, Appletinis and the Cosmo became popular. But, let's got back to the basic martini. A martini is made with 3 ounces of spirits. Pick your gin or vodka and your vermouth (fortified wine) of choice and do what ever ratio combination you want (2:1, 3:0, 1.5:1.5). At a recent event at Big Bar with Absolut Elyx, we got to play with different combinations to come up with our own preferences. Absolut Elyx

ABSOLUT has always stood for innovation.  They are a company that has always asked the questions “What if?” and “ Why Not?” Absolut is a “brand that prides itself on...