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This story originally appeared in the Napa Valley Register (March 11, 2016). The annual World of Pinot Noir took place March 4 and 5 at Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara. Pinot noir winemakers...

Guest Post By Grazia Caroselli The ultimate meal that foodies the world over have been waiting years for is finally here! Not to a restaurant near you, but to a neighborhood movie theater near you. city of gold poster CITY OF GOLD is a tasty documentary on Jonathon Gold, the first food critic ever to win a Pulitzer Prize. It satisfies cravings on all five senses. Laura Gabbert’s feature-length film expertly succeeds in sharing Gold’s favorite hard-to-find, tiny mom-and-pop restaurants in L.A.’s deepest ethnic neighborhoods. She mixes cinematic tools like a chef mixes fine ingredients to create a perfect dish. Close-ups of succulent food combinations sizzle and take us into the heat. Sounds of the street pop and mingle under lively sequences of the city in action underscored by a diverse original score by Bobby Johnson. The camera rides right alongside Jonathon in his green pick-up truck as he traverses scrappy roads to get us to his favorite far-flung discoveries. Slo-mo aerials glide over snarled L.A. freeway traffic lanes at twilight, turning rear lights into mesmerizing red rivers below.  We get a peek into the authentic Los Angeles that has taken him years to lovingly, painstakingly uncover with his passionate palate.

I was introduced to Thrive Algae Oil by my friend, Chef Marisa Churchill, author of the cookbook “Sweet & Skinny” and a former Top Chef contestant. As a chef who...