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I always find it fun to try a new wine, especially when it is from a grape that I am not familiar with. Last week, my wine friends and I...

It has been a week of Greek wine, Greek food and Greek people without having to leave the country. I spent the week organizing educational events about xinomavro, the grape...

Naoussa Located in Macedonia in the north of Greece, approximately one hour west Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city, is the wine region of Naoussa. Naoussa was one of the first regions in Greece to receive protected denomination of origin (PDO) status in 1971 and is the home to the native grape Xinomavro. Xino, which means “sour,” and mavro, which means “black,” is the single grape variety permitted under the PDO Naoussa. Xinomavro is one of two red varieties of Greek wine that puts the country on the international wine map. The vineyards of Naoussa are at 1,150 feet. Influence from the Aegean and Ionian seas has resulted in a mosaic of soils, including rocks and clay, throughout the region. The region experiences a Mediterranean climate with strong continental influences. The days reach high temperatures and the nights reach low temperatures. The climate, combined with humidity and high fog, makes Xinomavro the last grape to harvest each vintage.