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"Cocktails are about something beautiful." As I sat down with Foreign Cinema Bar Manager Nicky Beyries, this was one of the first things she told me. "They evoke memories or by mixing fun ingredients, we make new memories," she continued. "I like to take great ingredients and be irreverent. The point is to let the ingredients speak for themselves" And that is what she does with her cocktails. Nicky Beyries Nicky grew up on farms in Petaluma and Santa Rosa, which explains her appreciation for fresh, seasonal ingredients. With ten years of experience behind the bar, she joined Foreign Cinema in San Francisco last October. The current cocktail list is her first full cocktail menu at Foreign Cinema and I joined her at the bar recently to taste through her current list.
It's hard to say that it is winter here in Los Angeles. After a few chilly and rainy days, followed by hot sunny days, we are only reminded when we see how cold it is in the rest of the country. But, no matter the temperature, it is winter and with the season comes a new cocktail menu at Big Bar in Los Feliz. Big Bar is a friendly, neighborhood bar and this is reflected in the bar team. A passionate group of bartenders who work together and share ideas, it is through their collaboration that this new seasonal menu has been created. And, the story behind each drink gives reason to the name and choice of ingredients. Aaron Alvarez Aaron Alvarez has been at Big Bar for 8 months and this is the first cocktail list that he has been very involved in creating. So, it was all the more appropriate that we started with the very first drink Aaron ever made at Big Bar. The Redrum (Bacardi 8, Smith and Cross Jamaican rum, cherry, bitters, lime) has a classic daiquiri base and was made to pay homage to The Shining, which was shown at Big Bar's movie night.