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This story originally appeared in the Napa Valley Register.

The sun was setting as we drove to our dinner at Chateau Moulin-à-Vent. It was my first time to Beaujolais, and as we turned up the road to our destination, we saw, sitting on the top of the hill in front of us, the iconic Moulin-à-Vent, or windmill.

The 500-year-old structure was breathtaking as the sky turned from a light yellow to a warm orange. After a few photos, we drove 650 feet farther and arrived at Chateau Moulin-à-Vent.

Moulin-à-Vent, located in the southernmost tip of Burgundy, is one of the 10 Crus of Beaujolais. Moulin-à-Vent borders the vineyards of Chenas to the north and Fleurie to the south.

What are thoughts conjured up when one thinks of Lodi -- hot climate, high-alcohol wines, mass production and large brands? Yes, these descriptors can be used, but it is time to...

Who hasn't thought, for even a brief moment, about owning a winery?  And, why not in Napa Valley where there is a 150 year old history of grape growing? At a recent media seminar/lunch in Los Angeles moderated by Patrick Comiskey, four producers who come from different backgrounds discussed what brought them to Napa. These producers are the “new guard” in Napa. From the original founders to their inheritors to the 3rd generation and then the vintners and growers, many generations have made their mark on Napa. And now this “new guard” made up of entrepreneurs and innovators are redefining Napa yet again.