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Whole Foods is no longer just considered "whole paycheck" because now there is Whole Food 365. A fun, light, bright, modern store with Whole Food's quality products, Whole Foods 365 has just opened their fifth location in Santa Monica and is the Please The Palate pick of the week. Located on the corner of Cloverfield Blvd and Pico in Santa Monica, Whole Foods Market 365 is a 30,000 square foot modern space with a shopper-friendly layout. They maintain strict ingredient standards and do not carry any products with artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or hydrogenated oils. The vegetables are organic and conventionally grown. All beef, chicken and pork are step-rated by the Global Animal Welfare Partnership and are raised without the use of antibiotics and added hormones. Seafood is also held to the highest standards. There are numerous grab-and-go options, bulk foods, frozen foods, supplemental basics and dairy. There are more than 400 wines, most priced between $10-$20, more than 200 beers and more than 50 spirits. All of this is available at great prices!
You go to the market to shop and plan a meal. Or maybe you are feeling lazy and pick up a prepared meal. But, ever thought about getting full service dining at the market? Well, at some Whole Foods stores in California, you can do this, as I recently did at Whole Food Venice. Whole Foods Venice (1) Whole Food Venice hosts pop-up wine pairing dinners twice a month. For $30 per person (or 2 for $50), you can get a four course meal, paired with wines. The Venice store has been offering wine (and beer) pairing dinners in their wine bar for three years. Each dinner has a theme, such as sustainability or Icelandic fish and beers, or features a winery. Whole Foods Venice