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After a rainy day on Wednesday in which we spent it in the winery stomping grapes, Thursday and Friday have been beautiful and progressively warmer. Now to keep us busy, there are two areas that we cover - the vineyards and the winery.  
Today was a rainy day.  Not ideal for this time of year but we got all the grapes off the Gradient and Rise vineyards before the rain and the other grapes still need a little more time to ripen.  Of course, the rain isn't helping but the forecast for tomorrow is sun again. Despite the rain, we had plenty to do today.  Now that we had grapes in from the vineyard, it was time to start the winemaking process.  
It was another beautiful day in Waipara.  With the unusally seasonal Nor'wester winds blowing, there was a warm, dry wind all day while we worked.  The Nor'wester winds are the result of warm air movement off the Tasman Sea that comes over the Southern Alps, dropping the water over the Alps and leaving dry air that blows over the Canterbury plains.