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Each time a new restaurant opens up on Ventura Blvd, between Studio City and Sherman Oaks, I get excited. I love seeing the area I grew up in become a...

If you like scotch and you like oysters then this name has probably already gotten your attention. Located in Sherman Oaks, Tipple and Brine opened in April and is one of the many spots to brighten the Valley’s dining scene and entice those living in other parts of the city to fight the traffic to get there. It’s worth it! Rustic (reclaimed wood) but industrial (Edison lights), it’s a casual neighborhood restaurant and bar. Tipple and Brine Start with the signature item – oysters! Even better, do an oyster luge – eat an oyster, then pour some Scotch into the briny liquid left in the shell and slurp. Can’t chose a Scotch from the couple dozen options? They make it easy for you. For $8, they select the oyster and a 1 oz shot of Scotch that will best pair with it.