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It’s finally summer - the perfect time for a refreshing twist on your favorite cocktail blends. Tea enthusiasts turned cocktail extraordinaires are launching their newest brew, featuring cocktail mixers infused with tea blends - perfect for custom crafted cocktails that won’t weigh you down. Teaologists Maria Littlefield and Jennie Ripps specialize in developing delicious tea blends with flavor profiles made to compliment the essence of your favorite alcoholic beverages. After feeling frustration with traditional options for cocktail mixes (and the added sugars), this duo set out to create unique tea blends that would complement flavor profiles found in other alcohols, while still giving our palates something light and fresh to sip on. Owl’s Brew’s unique, all-natural loose leaf blends can be used in a variety of recipes, using vodka, rum and tequila. For example, the Captain Palmer is a dark and delicious tea base that can be paired with rum, whiskey and bourbon