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This story originally appeared in California Winery Advisor. With the holidays upon us, one of the most popular wines to drink and to give as gifts is sparkling wine. Nothing seems to say celebration more than bubbles. And there are so many choices! Sparkling wine is made throughout the world. There is Champagne which comes from Champagne in France, Cava which comes from Spain and Franciacorta and Prosecco which come from Italy. Sparkling wine is also made in California and many of the famous California sparkling wines (Schramsberg, Domaine Chandon, Domaine Carneros, Gloria Ferrer, Iron Horse, J, Roederer) come from Northern California. But the Central Coast, from Santa Barbara to Monterey, is also producing sparkling wines. Sparkling wines will not be the primary wine produced by these wineries, so production will be limited but here are some producers to look out for.