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Bacaro is the Italian term for a simple simple restaurant or wine bar, typically found in Venice. And, in Italian, when you want to pluralize a singular word, you change the -o to an -i, for example bacaro becomes bacari. And in a way, that is what Bacaro LA, a wine bar in downtown LA, has done. They have multiplied and gone from the single Bacaro LA to multiple locations with Bacari PDR, Bacari GDL and Bacari W3rd. Bacaro LA is an energetic, casual space with an international selection of wines and Italian-style tapas. It has been a favorite spot of USC students. And across the city Bacari PDR in Playa del Rey, is a popular neighborhood restaurant near the beach. In between the two, there is Bacari GDL in Glendale and Bacari W3rd, opening soon on West 3rd. Standing alone on the corner of Vista del Mar and Culver Blvd, Bacari PDR is a wooden structure that looks like it was pieced together board by board. There is a small patio for outdoor dining and inside there is a bar and the main dining room, with a smaller dining area tucked behind the bar. All in all, it is not a big space and a bit tight, but there is a casual, comfortable charm to it.
The Wallace Tucked among the busy Main Street in Culver City, sandwiched between Venice Blvd and Culver Blvd, is The Wallace. The restaurant concept may not be new, but former SBE corporate chef Michael Teich and his wife Carol are doing it well!
I travel to San Francisco regularly. Sometimes its a day trip, usually its an overnight trip and occasionally there are a few extra days to plan and explore. Explore what? Restaurants of course. There are so many to try in San Francisco and one that has constantly evaded me is State Bird SF.  State Bird is one of those restaurants that you have to plan far in advance to try to get one of the limited reservations. Or, you can line up each night before they open, which is what we did. State Bird SF (1) We didn't know what to expect or how early to get there. With the doors opening at 5:30pm, we lined up at 4:30 and we were not the first ones there. But, when the door opened up, the line quickly moved and we were told to return at 7:30pm for dinner. Perfect!