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While most of the country has been suffering through an exceptionally cold and never-ending winter, here in Los Angeles, we have been reveling in the summer-like days. Of course, I am not trying to rub it in to anyone as after all, what comes with our abnormally hot weather is a drought and risk of fire and earthquakes. But, nonetheless, on a Saturday in January, in our sundresses and sandals, we returned to Santa Anita Park, California’s legendary racetrack, for their first California Wine Festival at the Sunshine Millions California Cup.  
The 77th winter/spring Opening Day at Santa Anita took place on December 26th, the day after Christmas. With the sun shining and temperatures hitting close to 80 degrees, what better way to spend the day than drinking whiskey, and trying to bet on horses, at the Whiskey In Winter Tasting Event in the recently renovated, member-only Chandelier Room.