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The Henry touts themselves as the "greatest neighborhood restaurant" and it may achieve just that on Robertson Blvd in West Hollywood. Surrounded by celebrity-spotting trendy venues, including The Ivy, The Henry has a welcoming and friendly vibe. The Henry is located in the former Newsroom Cafe space on the completely overhauled 100,000 square foot Robertson Plaza. The Henry is owned by Sam Fox, the creator of True Food Kitchen, as well as numerous other restaurant concepts. Fox opened The Henry in Phoenix, where the company's headquarters are based. A popular location in Phoenix, The Henry earned its title of "the greatest neighborhood restaurant" as they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, have a full coffee bar, a cocktail program and offer free wifi. Thus, as a result, many use The Henry as a work space.
I guess I have to give thanks to the hoards of paparazzi that were hovering outside Gracias Madre or else I may have driven right by the simple white building with modest signage. Of course, I had to drive around the block a few times as parking is a major challenge on Robertson Blvd. Once I got a parking space and walked past the paparazzi, I entered Gracias Madre.....a spacious, inviting space with high ceilings, great natural light and a large outdoor patio. It actually felt like dining at someone's home; there was a casualness and comfort to the modern Mexican design.