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It's time for dineLA when for two weeks (January 19 through February 1) restaurants offer specially priced prix-fixe lunch menus for $15-$25 and dinner menus for $30-$50. These are the perfect days to try new restaurants or visit old ones while maintaining a bit of control on the wallet.....and losing a little control of the waistline. After all, when some of the best chefs in LA are offering affordable dining opportunities, how can you say no?!?! One of the many participating restaurants is Acabar in Hollywood and we got a preview of their dineLA menu. The dineLA menu price is $40, a great value for Chef Octavio Becerra's food and includes three courses, with three options to choose from within each course. First Course:
Back in the late 90s, I spend four years studying and working in Washington DC. I loved living in the city.....so much culture, so many sites, people from all over the world and lots of fun. But, the one thing DC did not have was good food. I had come from LA which was always looked down upon by those in New York and San Francisco when it came to our food. But, in all honesty, even LA beat DC when it came to food. Now, more than 15 years later, both cities have vibrant food cultures. On a recent return visit to DC, I ate at three very different places that each represent the excitement of the food scene. And, now that Metropolitan Washington Restaurant Week (August 15-25) is about to start, it's a great time to check out these restaurants and others.
Every year dineLA's Restaurant Week offers a specially priced prix fix menu for lunch and dinner, allowing diners to try a variety of local restaurants. The 12-day dining event, which just took place from January 21 - February 1, showcased some of LA's best restaurants. With so many restaurants to try, both old and new, Restaurant Week provides an opportunity to explore as many restaurants as you can manage to eat at over 2 weeks.  And, with lunch menus priced at $15, $20, and $25, and dinner menus at $25, $35, and $45, you won't necessarily break the bank by eating out. In addition to the price, this is a great way to get a taste of a restaurant's menu as the prix fix menu is typically made up of smaller portions of regular menu items. During this last restaurant week, we made it out to 3 restaurants. And, as we were dining as two (or three), we were able to order almost every item offered on the menu. Here are some recent highlights from the more recent Restaurant Week: