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While we can not travel to wineries right now, wineries can come to us. Many wineries are offering virtual tastings where you can learn more about the winery from the comfort of your own home as I wrote about for California Winery Advisor. Want to go wine tasting without leaving the house? Want to learn the basics of wine or how to describe what you are tasting? Now you can learn about wine in the comfort of your own home.


Many winemakers are offering virtual wine tasting experiences online. Buy some of their wines and then join them as they discuss the wines, how they were made and more. This is better than going to the tasting room as you do not always get to meet the winemaker but now you can. The folks at the Priority Wine Pass have organized a number of virtual tastings with local wineries. This is a nice option if you want a curated list of wineries. Click Here to see their list.
Are you looking for a last minute gift for the holidays? Or perhaps a birthday present? No matter the occasion (or maybe you do not even need one), I have the perfect one for the wine lover and wine enthusiast out there. It is Priority Wine Pass, a membership card that offers unique, exclusive member-only experiences at more than 400 wineries in California, Washington and Oregon. Check out my story about the founder Jamie Cegelski, what inspired her to create Priority Wine Pass and what it is. I wrote about in a recent column in the Napa Valley Register and you can read here.
Are you looking for a gift for the wine-lover in your life? I have an idea for you: a Priority Wine Pass card.
Priority Wine Pass is a membership program that gives you access to customized offers for wine tasting experiences.
The Priority Wine Pass reminds me of my Priority Pass that I use when I travel. My membership card gives me access to airport lounges around the world. So even when I am traveling in economy, I feel special when I can walk into a lounge where I can relax and get something complimentary to eat and drink. Who wouldn’t want a little something extra to make their experience a bit more exclusive than the next person’s? What Priority Pass does for the traveler, Priority Wine Pass does for the wine-lover.