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I remember when Mo-chica first opened in the La Paloma Mercado near USC. It was a rather unique experience to go to Mo-chica.  It was located in a super mercado where you could buy your quincinera dress, your Lakers shirt or select from the food court offerings. And there in a very unassuming position sat Mo-chica, next to a row of other food stations. Despite the lack of asthetic appeal, the food was delicious. Chef Ricardo Zarate’s Peruvian comfort food with a modern twist included Arroz con Marisco, Lomo Saltado, Oxtail Risotto, Seco de Cordero and Ceviche Mixto, all at very affordable prices. Now the original Mo-chica has closed and moved to a new, larger, more central location in Downtown LA.  No longer in a food court, Mo-chica is a modern Peruvian eatery that offers many of the original dishes as well as new dishes that are similar to what can be found on the always-popular sister restaurant Picca in Beverly Hills.