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One year ago, Clifton's Cafeteria in Downtown LA reopened its doors. The 47,000-square-foot space, covering four floors, reopened with two (of five) bars and a cafeteria. For the last year, there has been anticipation about the opening of the other three bars - Shadow Box, Treetops and Pacific Seas. Well, anticipate no longer as one of those bars has officially opened. Welcome to Clifton's Pacific Seas Pacific Seas is Los Angeles' newest tiki bar. From top to bottom, this Polynesian themed bar is a tiki wonderland, circa 1940-1950. Everything about Clifton's is a bit surreal. The decor has a Disneyland-esq quality to it, from the taxidermy animals to the 40-foot tree that reaches three floors in the center of the atrium. And Pacific Seas is no exception.