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Amidst the steakhouses and Italian restaurants that line Canon Drive in Beverly Hills is the Japanese restaurant Shiki. Actually it is in the former location of Enoteca Drago, across the street from Wally's and Wolfgang's Steakhouse. Shiki is owned by Zen Noh, Japan's National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations, the largest agricultural cooperative in Japan. Zen Noh was started in 1972 to support small farmers. They opened Shiki in Beverly Hills in order to showcase and increase awareness of local specialty products, such as Wagyu beef and Japanese rice, amoung other products. shiki-beverly-hills-2 Chef Shigenori (Shige) Fujimoto is from the Gifu Prefecture in Japan. He trained in tradiitonal washoku as well as sushi and worked in Japan before coming to Los Angeles in the early 1990s. He worked at Matsuhisa Restaurant in Beverly Hills from 1993 to 2004 and then at the former Shige in Santa Monica, Irori in Marina del Rey and Asanebo in Studio City, which received a Michelin Star. In 2013, Fujimoto began working at Shiki. Chef Shigenori (Shige) Fujimoto
It may not be the easiest restaurant name to say. But, those in the know can easily pronounce Tsujita. After all, Tsujita LA and Tsujita Annex have been popular ramen destinations on Sawtelle Blvd. since 2011. And, last year Tsujita opened it's 3rd location on Sawtelle Blvd, Sushi Tsujita, in the space that used to house Orris. If you didn't know how to say it before, you will quickly want to learn it now. I had been to Tsujita for lunch and had the special lunch deal - Bara-Chirashi, a bowl of warm sushi rice with an assortment of sashimi and miso soup for $15. (Note that they only make 15 of these each day.) Bara-Chirashi But, I was really looking forward to coming back for dinner where they serve an edomae-inspired, omakase-focused menu. Edomae-inspired means is that the dishes are about simplicity. Because it about the fish, it is about serving the best quality. And omakase means that you are in the chef's hands. There are three price options, $120, $150 and $180, and once you make that decision, you sit back and leave the rest to the chef.