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This post originally appeared on FoodableTV.com Many of us are familiar with the Japanese phrase Omakase, which means "I'll leave it to you." Omakase, similar to the concept of a tasting...

When it comes time to splurging on a meal, n/naka is the place to do it. From ambiance to presentation to flavors, Chef Niki Nakayama offers a traditional Kaiseki menu that will capture your attention. Kaiseki is the traditional multi-course Japanese culinary which consists of a sequence of small dishes, each artistically arranged. At n/naka, Chef Nakayama uses the freshest seasonal ingredients, including vegetables from her own organic garden and presents them in their most natural and purest states. There is a level of formality to n/naka. The restaurant is in a nondescript building that looks like it was a former house. Reservations are required and when you walk in, the rooms are sparse with simple settings.