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Sicily is the largest island in Italy and the Mediterranean. Sicily is close in size to the state of Massachusetts. The most famous landmark is Etna, one of the largest...

Islands are dreamy. They are vacation destinations. But many islands are also producing some of today’s most exciting wines. Italy has more than 450 islands. But, when it comes to...

Seminar 3: Wines of Sicilia Sicilia is the biggest island of the Mediterranean.   The Northern part of the island is a continuation of Apennine Mountain chain.  Wine production is concentrated on the western part of Silicia. The island is composed of 60% hill, 25% mountain and 15% flatland and the weather is very hot and windy.  There is a great variety of soil, climate and land.  The West has red soil (oxidized with iron); the South has clay; the East has limestone. In total, there are 111.2 hectares planted. Silicia is a heritage of different cultures that have influenced the wine production in the area.  1500 BC, the Phoenicians brought grapes and began winemaking; 800 BC, the Greeks (enotria or land of wine) brought vine training systems (ie. Goblet system); 200 BC, the Romans perfected and continued the wine making tradition; 600 AD, the Arabs colonized Sicily and brought Moscato grapes to produce raisins to eat.