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You may not think of Los Angeles as one of the wine producing areas in California but there is a long history in LA and producers such as Angeleno Wine Company, Byron Blatty Wines and Cavaletti Vineyards are bringing wine production back to LA. They are the new wine pioneers of Los Angeles and I wrote about them in a recent column in the Napa Valley Register, which you can read below.
Long before congested freeways and millions of residents, Los Angeles was once part of California’s largest wine- producing region, the Los Angeles Viticultural District, which comprised the counties of San Luis Obispo, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Imperial, Riverside and San Bernardino.
In the 1700s, the pueblo of Los Angeles was home to the first commercial vineyards. The wine industry continued to flourish as immigrants arrived and saw the potential in the warm, dry climate.