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Emilio Moro Winery was founded on three generations of family united by pride, effort and dedication. In 1987, current president Jose Moro decided to bring his father and grandfather's wine to the public and invested his family's savings into a grape press. Shortly after, in 1988, the Moro family purchased their first cellar, extending a family tradition outward for generations to come. Their brand name was created in 1989, thus launching the first vintage of Emilio Moro. Emilio Moro was a viticulturalist and he was the first person to plant on the mountains in Ribera del Duero. People thought he was crazy but today many others are planting there. Situated at an altitude between 750 and 1000 meters above sea-level, the land's climate make this chalky soil unique for producing its 100% Tempranillo varietal.