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This weekend is the 9th annual Los Angeles Food & Wine event. It began on Thursday night (August 22nd) and continues through to Sunday night (August 25th). Four days of back to back opportunities to eat food from some of the best chefs in Los Angeles and beyond is definitely worth throwing the diet out of the window. And a night full of burgers at Los Angeles Food & Wine is the Please The Palate pick of the week. Juicy Beef, Tender Lamb, Sweet Yummy Pork, Al Pastor, Chorizo and even vegan options, burgers comes in all shapes and sizes. And at the Epic Burger Throwdown there were more than 25 different burgers to taste. And, I did my best to try each and every one of them. It started out quite easy but it was almost a chore by the end. But, I did it! Vanda Asapahu from Ayara Thai made the spicy Thai burger. Loved the carrots and peanuts but also got a chili that left a lingering reminder. 
In the vast city of Los Angeles, there is an ever growing list of restaurants that I want to try. Two of the restaurants that have been at the top of my list are Alimento, Chef Zach Pollack's restaurant in Echo Park, and Love & Salt, Chef Michael Fiorelli's restaurant in Manhattan Beach. These two restaurants are located 24 miles apart from each other, but with Los Angeles traffic as it is, they seem like worlds apart. But from two sides of the city, these two chefs came together to make lunch during Los Angeles Food and Wine 2015. Love and Salt The lunch took place at Love & Salt in Manhattan Beach. Love & Salt offers a menu that is a mix of Italian, Mediterranean and Californian. Alimento offers a menu that blends Northern Italian cuisine with California influences. The essence of this lunch was to have two passionate chefs come and have fun cooking together, and that they did!
For the 5th year in a row, Los Angeles Food & Wine hosted another successful weekend of food and wine events. For three nights, Grand Avenue in Downtown LA was closed off to traffic and filled with more than 30 restaurants each night and more than 100 wines. With Disney Hall looming above, hundreds of attendees wandered up and down the street trying the various foods and wines over a three hour period. Los Angeles Food and Wine With so many of Los Angeles' best chefs, as well as top chefs from New York, Philadelphia, Dallas and more, serving up flavorful dishes, there is a lot of tasting to do. Between waiting in long lines to some restaurants and getting full quickly, it can be a challenge to try everything. But, I did!